Fertitronic: Crop Sensor for ISOBUS compatible implements

Fertitronic is a vegetation index based real-time crop sensor that can be combined with ISOBUS compatible implements for variable rate application. It takes continuous measurements, based on which it varies the amount of input material applied within preset limits.

Thanks to the Black Button Navigation and informative texts, navigation on the user-friendly interface is very easy.

Who is this product recommended for?

For farmers who want to work during peak periods regardless of time, season or weather.

For farmers who want to optimise the available limited resources and have good control over the applied quantities.

Crop Sensor System for ISOBUS compatible implements:

•Fertilizer spreaders


•Inter-row cultivators

•Front hoppers (application of liquid or granular)

Fertitronic product video
Fertitronic Crop Sensor at Agritechnica Hannover, 2023

Engineered and manufactured in Hungary

Tomelilla Ltd.

Z Elektronika Ltd.




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